More surgery!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog, almost 6 months to be precise! Why? Because I’ve been out livin life! I’m now almost 18 months post-CABG and feel fantastic. After some med adjustments we seem to have finally gotten my coronary spasms under control and I haven’t had any angina since May…woo hoo! I’m enjoying the last days of summer and my son has started 1st grade already! I did get a bit emotional at the beginning of the school year when the thought crossed my mine that I’m damn lucky to be here! I now feel almost as if I never had surgery except when I look in the mirror and see my zipper.
But…I’m having yet another surgery (I’m now joking that surgery is my hobby, not operating, but being operated on!). I’m scheduled for a tonsillectomy on Sept. 21st. I’m actually pretty nervous because I had such horrible nausea/vomiting with my heart surgery. I know this is a minor surgery compared to that but I have to admit I have a little PTSD about the thought of going under the knife yet again…this will be the 11th time in my 41 years I’ve had some sort of surgery! And, I’m hoping it’ll be my last! I hope everyone is enjoying life and remembering what’s important! Family and friends!


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Mom, wife, ICU nurse, athlete
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