Where does the time go???

Hi everyone!
Well, first of all I can’t believe Halloween has passed and the Christmas decorations are already out in Target! I came through my tonsillectomy relatively unscathed…it wasn’t a pleasant experience and I’d have thought it was even worse if I hadn’t had open heart surgery…compared to that it was a piece of cake! Three weeks after surgery, and one week after being released to exercise my hubby and I completed the 1st San Jose Firefly Run. It was a super event run at night with lots of runners in crazy glowing costumes and a DJ. All in all it made for a great, party-like atmosphere and we’ll definitely do it again! The rest of October was spent visiting a couple of pumpkin patches and a corn maze.
On my heart front everything seems fairly stable…I still get tons of PVCs but as long as I stay away from caffeine and too much chocolate they are ok. My MD has lengthened my leash and I now only have to see him every 6 months instead of every 3. Woo hoo! I’ll still be getting yearly echocardiogram’s just to track my cardiac function with all the PVCs.
I have a couple of websites I’d like to share as they have been very helpful in my recovery and return to an active life:

Don’t you all forget to take care of your hearts either!


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