Two and a half years!

Well, it’s been almost 10 months since I last updated this blog but that’s only because I’ve been out living life! This past week (September 25th) marked my 2 1/2 year post-op anniversary. In some ways I cannot believe it’s been that long, it seems like it was just yesterday. At other times it seems almost surreal that the whole thing even happened!
2012 has been a challenging year overall but it’s also been a ton of fun! We went on vacation to Texas in June to visit friends and had a fabulous time despite the fact that our son was sick the entire time. Upon returning home we all were sick and he got sicker, finally being diagnosed with mononucleosis! I didn’t even know six year olds could get mono but we I learned the hard way. After 9 days of high fevers and the associated miserable symptoms he finally improved but was pretty much isolated all summer because of fatigue and we didn’t want him spreading it to other kids. Once August rolled around the whole family was back to normal and back in action.

I should mention that before our vacation Larry and I completed the 2012 San Jose Gladiator Rock N Roll run. It was the most fun I’ve ever had in an event and my first obstacle/mud run. It was 4 miles of torture as it was on the trails of Mt. Hamilton above San Jose and was a very challenging and hilly course. Of course I trained minimally as I’d been battling plantar fascitis since January but I got through it! I finished in 1:34 and my heart rate was pretty much maxed out the entire time with no symptoms. Upon return to work I told my cardiac surgeons what I did and showed them a few pictures. After declaring I was “crazy” one said, “well, at least we know your heart works just fine now!”

Somehow the time has flown by and it’s now almost October. My son is in 2nd grade and loving it. I’m trying to still get rid of the damn plantar fascitis and get back in shape after resting for 5 weeks. All that 5 weeks did was get me out of shape so I’m back at it at the gym. My heart is doing well and although I’m kept on a short leash by my physician as far as appointments go I have no restrictions and am enjoying every moment. I’ve learned that there are times that medications need to be adjusted, etc. and that’s just the life of a heart patient.

That’s enough chit chat for now…we are on vacation now so it’s time to get back out there and live life to the fullest!


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